The Twilight of Magic by Hugh Lofting

The Twilight of Magic by Hugh Lofting

"The Twilight of Magic" was written in 1930 by Hugh Lofting (1886-1947), telling about the Middle Ages, when adults and children alike still believed in magic. The tale is full of castles, kings, cavalcades of knights and princesses. The main characters Giles and Anne are nine-year-old twins and the children of a prosperous wagon-wright who is inexplicably in debt. They decide to seek help from Agnes the Applewoman, even though most of the townsfolk think she is an evil witch because she has cats and psychic powers...

Table of content

Book I

Chapter 1 Giles and Anne

Chapter 2 Shragga the Witch

Chapter 3 Luke

Chapter 4 The hut by the river

Chapter 5 In the sea garden

Chapter 6 The Whispering Shell

Chapter 7 Michael the Blind Man

Chapter 8 Johannes the Philosopher

Chapter 9 Chemistry and magic

Chapter 10 The man who knew everyone

Chapter 11 At the Haunted Inn

Chapter 12 The supper at the Golden Mitre

Chapter 13 Luke’s plan

Chapter 14 His Majesty comes

Chapter 15 The King listens to the shell

Chapter 16 Midnight, the black mare

Chapter 17 The flight to the capital

Chapter 18 The boy knight

The Twilight of Magic by Hugh Lofting

Book II

Chapter 1 The King’s Finder

Chapter 2 The friendship that does not betray

Chapter 3 Geoffrey the Gipsy

Chapter 4 At the lower lake

Chapter 5 The Princess Sophronia

Chapter 6 The eve of the wedding

Chapter 7 The great quest

Chapter 8 Wonder world

Chapter 9 The saddle-bag

Chapter 10 The pocket of the tunic

Chapter 11 The ebb-tide

Chapter 12 The Abbess of Saint Bridget’s

Chapter 13 The watchers on the terrace

Chapter 14 The return of the Finder

Chapter 15 The King pays a debt