Swedish folktales

Swedish folktales

Swedish fairy tales have been said to be straightforward and sincere. They are a blend of curiosities, like a Herculean boy born from an egg, or a fisherman’s daughter outwitting a sea monster, with good, old-fashioned manners. The greedy and gluttonous never win, but those of good heart, quick wit and honesty live happily ever after. Giants assist the lowly and poor, and farm girls become princesses.


The Bird 'Grip'

Charcoal Nils and the Troll-Woman

The Evil One and Kitta Grau

Elsa and the Ten Elves

Finn, the Giant and the Minister of Lund

Faithful and Unfaithful

First Born, First Wed

The Girl and the Snake

How Smaland and Schonen Came To Be

Jolly Calle

King Lindworm


Lasse, My Thrall!

The Lame Dog

The Lady of Pintorp

The Mount of the Golden Queen

The Man Who Died on Holy Innocent's Day

Old Hopgiant

Princess and the Glass Mountain

The Poor Devil

Queen Crane

The Rooster, the Hand-Mill and the Swarm of Hornets

The Skalunda Giant

Silverwhite and Lillwacker

Stompe Pilt

Starkad and Bale

The Specter in Fjelkinge

Tales of the Trolls

The Three Dogs

Torre Jeppe

The Werewolf

Yuletide Specters