Philippine folktales

Philippine folktales 

From time to time since the American occupation of the Islands, Philippine folk-tales have appeared in publications, has there been an attempt to offer to the general public a comprehensive popular collection of this material. This collection of tales will give those who are interested opportunity to learn something of the magic, superstitions, and weird customs of the Filipinos,


I.Tinguian - Introduction

Aponibolinayen and the Sun


Gawigawen of Adasen

The Story of Gaygayoma Who Lives up Above

The Story of Dumalawi

The Story of Kanag

The Story of the Tikgi

The Story of Sayen

The Sun and the Moon

How the Tinguian Learned to Plant


The Tree with the Agate Beads

The Striped Blanket

The Alan and the Hunters

Man and the Alan


The Mistaken Gifts

The Boy who Became a Stone

The Turtle and the Lizard

The Man with the Cocoanuts

The Carabao and the Shell

The Alligator’s Fruit


II.Igorot - Introduction

The Creation

The Flood Story

Lumawig on Earth

How the First Head was Taken

The Serpent Eagle

The Tattooed Men

Tilin, The Rice Bird

III.Wild Tribes of Mindanao - Introduction


How the Moon and Stars Came to Be

The Flood Story-2


How Children Became Monkeys

Bulanawan and Aguio





The Story of the Creation

In the Beginning


The Children of the Limokon

The Sun and the Moon-2


The Widow’s Son

IV.Moro - Introduction

Mythology of Mindanao

The Story of Bantugan

V.The Christianized Tribes - Introduction


The Monkey and the Turtle

The Poor Fisherman and His Wife

The Presidente who had Horns

The Story of a Monkey

The White Squash


The Creation Story

The Story of Benito

The Adventures of Juan

Juan Gathers Guavas


The Sun and the Moon-3

The First Monkey

The Virtue of the Cocoanut


Why Dogs Wag their Tails

The Hawk and the Hen

The Spider and the Fly

The Battle of the Crabs

Author: Mabel Cook Cole

 Philippine folktales

Philippine Folklore Stories
by John Maurice Miller



The Tobacco of Harisaboqued

The Pericos

Quicoy and the Ongloc

The Passing of Loku

The Light of the Fly

Mangita and Larina

How the World Was Made

The Silver Shower

The Faithlessness of Sinogo

Catalina of Dumaguete

The Fall of Polobolac

The Escape of Juanita

The Anting-Anting of Manuelito

When the Lilies Return