Heidi by Johanna Spyri

Heidi by Johanna Spyri

Johanna Spyri, original name Johanna Heusser, (born June 12, 1827, Hirzel, Switz.—died July 7, 1901, Zürich), Swiss writer whose Heidi, a book for children, is popular all over the world. Her psychological insight into the child mind, her humour, and her ability to enter into childish joys and sorrows give her books appeal and lasting value

The story is about a girl named Heidi, who lives with her grandfather in the Swiss Alps after her parents passing away, when she was only six years old. Although her grandfather lives far from civilization, and the residents of the nearest village think of him as an eccentric and recluse, he is taking a rather good care of Heidi. Rough and inaccessible at first glance, he does everything within his possibilities to provide her all the essentials, but also teaching her about the harsh life in the mountains. Heidi enjoys living with her grandfather because she is receiving enough of love and affection, also enjoying the nature around her and the comfort of her home.

But still, Heidi keeps growing so her grandpa decides to return her back to the town of Frankfurt, where she could receive education suitable for becoming a lady.
When Heidi goes to Frankfurt to work in a wealthy household, she dreams of returning to the mountains and meadows, her friend Peter, and her beloved grandfather.

Table of content


Chapter 1 Up the Mountain to Alm-Uncle

Chapter 2 At Home With Grandfather

Chapter 3 Out With the Goats

Chapter 4 The Visit to Grandmother

Chapter 5 Two Visits and What Came of Them

Chapter 6 A New Chapter About New Things

Chapter 7 Fraulein Rottenmeier Spends an Uncomfortable Day

Chapter 8 There is Great Commotion in the Large House

Chapter 9 Herr Sesemann Hears of Things Which Are New to Him

Chapter 10 Another Grandmother

Chapter 11 Heidi Gains in One Way and Loses in Another

Chapter 12 A Ghost in the House

Chapter 13 A Summer Evening on the Mountain

Chapter 14 Sunday Bells

Chapter 15 Preparations for a Journey

Chapter 16 A Visitor

Chapter 17 A Compensation

Chapter 18 Winter in Dorfli

Chapter 19 The Winter Continues

Chapter 20 News from Distant Friends

Chapter 21 How Life Went on at Grandfathers

Chapter 22 Something Unexpected Happens

Chapter 23 "Good-bye Till We Meet Again"