Fairy tales by Parker Fillmore

Fairy tales by Parker Fillmore

Parker Fillmore, author of The Laughing Prince, was a collector and editor of fairy tales from Czechoslovak tales and Slavic folklore. The Laughing Prince is classified as Slavic fairy tales, but the collection is also compromised of fairy tales and folklore for Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Montenegro, Russia, the Ukraine, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Poland and others. His other work, Czechoslovak Fairy Tales, is another collection of fairy tales. Fillmore enjoyed the fairy tales he heard, and received a scholarship from patrons to spend time collecting these iconic tales that were part of the heritage of many he encountered in Czechoslovak and elsewhere.

Fairy tales by Parker Fillmore


Beauty and the Horns

The Best Wish

The Betrothal Gifts

The Bird with the Golden Gizzard


Batcha and the Dragon

The Blacksmith's Stool

Clever Manka

The Candles of Life

The Dragon's Strength 

The Devil's Hide

The Dear Little Hen

The Disobedient Rooster

The Devil's Gifts

The Devil's Match

The Devil's Brother-in-Law

The Enchanted Peafowl

The Enchanted Grouse

The Forest Bride

Familiar Faces I

Fairy tales by Parker Fillmore

Familiar Faces II

Familiar Faces III

The Flaming Horse

The Girl in the Chest 

Grandfather's Eyes

The Golden Spinning-Wheel

The Golden Godmother

The Golden Duck

The Gullible World

Gentle Dora

Katcha and the Devil

Kuratko the Terrible

The Laughing Prince

The Little Lame Fox 

The Little Singing Frog 

Lord and Master


Little Sister

Longshanks, Girth, and Keen

Mighty Mikko

Mikko the Fox - Adventure I

Fairy tales by Parker Fillmore

Mikko, the Fox - Adventure II

The Nightingale in the Mosque

The Nickerman's Wife

The Pigeon's Bride 

Prince Bayaya

Rattle-Rattle-Rattle and Chink-Chink-Chink

The Silver Tracks

The Story That Never Ends

The Shepherd's Nosegay


The Shoemaker's Apron

The True Bride

The Three Chests

The Terrible Olli

The Three Golden Hairs

The Three Citrons

The Twelve Months

The Vilas' Spring

Fairy tales by Parker Fillmore

Vitazko the Victorious

The Wonderful Hair

The Wood Maiden

Zlatovlaska the Golden-Haired