Beautiful Joe by Marshall Saunders

Beautiful Joe An Autobiography of a Dog by Marshall Saunders

Margaret Marshall Saunders was a Canadian author.
Saunders was born in the village of Milton, Queens County, Nova Scotia. She spent most of her childhood in Berwick, Nova Scotia where her father served as Baptist minister. Saunders is most famous for her novel Beautiful Joe.
Following the success of Beautiful Joe, Saunders wrote more than twenty other stories, a number of which provided social commentary on such things as the abolition of child labor, slum clearance, and the improvement of playground facilities.
Saunders died in 1947 in Toronto, Ontario where she had lived for a number of years.

Beautiful Joe Based on true events, Beautiful Joe tells the story of a dog that is rescued from the hands of a cruel master who removes his ears and tail in a fit of anger. The Morris family comes to his aid and carefully nurses the dog back to health, giving him the name, Beautiful Joe. Originally published in 1894, it is told from the perspective of Joe himself, who quickly finds that he is in the company of many other animals that the Morrises have saved from harm. They firmly believe that every creature has the right a to full and happy life. Despite his horrible, early experiences he falls in love with his adopted family and becomes a loyal and trustworthy companion.

Table of content


Chapter 1 ­Only a Cur

Chapter 2 ­The Cruel Milkman

Chapter 3 ­My Kind Deliverer and Miss Laura

Chapter 4 ­The Morris Boys Add to My Name

Chapter 5 ­My New Home and a Selfish Lady

Chapter 6 ­The Fox Terrier Billy

Chapter 7 ­Training a Puppy

Chapter 8 ­A Ruined Dog

Chapter 9 ­The Parrot Bella

Chapter 10 ­Billy's Training Continued

Chapter 11 ­Goldfish and Canaries

Chapter 12 ­Malta, the Cat

Chapter 13 ­The Beginning of an Adventure

Chapter 14 ­How We Caught the Burglar

Chapter 15 ­Our Journey to Riverdale

Chapter 16 ­Dingley Farm

Chapter 17 ­Mr. Wood and his Horses

Chapter 18 ­Mrs. Wood's Poultry

Chapter 19 ­A Band of Mercy

Chapter 20 ­Stories about Animals

Chapter 21 ­Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Harry

Chapter 22 ­What Happened at the Tea Table

Chapter 23 ­Trapping Wild Animals

Chapter 24 ­The Rabbit and the Hen

Chapter 25 ­A Happy Horse

Chapter 26 ­The Box of Money

Chapter 27 A Neglected Stable

Chapter 28 The End of the Englishman

Chapter 29 ­A Talk about Sheep

Chapter 30 ­A Jealous Ox

Chapter 31 ­In the Cow Stable

Chapter 32 ­Our Return Home

Chapter 33 ­Performing Animals

Chapter 34 ­A Fire in Fairport

Chapter 35 ­ Billy and the Italian

Chapter 36 ­ Dandy the Tramp

Chapter 37 ­ The End of My Story